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credits tcg

credits tcg
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1. Mine (tobirawoakete01)
Special: FREE
Puzzle: FREE

Collecting tobirawoakete
card log
01.14.12 Mastered Marukaite Chikyuu! (action09, poltergeist05, daianohana14, ticket); leveled up to level 3 from level 1 (sharetheworld16, fish07, inori10, action04, pantystocking03, hitsuzen07, sogeking20, action05, ticket x2, star x2);traded marukaite07 (double) for catchyoucatchme19 with Midori; traded academy10 for blaze19 with Jeny; High Note (monogatari06, 19sai07); Gil and Oz's Treats (tank12 for exdream05)
01.08.12 Vintage Box (catchyoucatchme04/09, exdream16, theworld06/20; Make A Wish (ticket, stamp, star)
01.04.12 Traded sociallinks10 and dramatic02 for kimihana14 and marukaite15 with Marge; traded endscape20, e-aria14, and sorairodays14 for action18, blaze20, and catchyoucatchme02 with Joyce
12.30.11 Traded endlesstale12, orpheus11, shoothigh05/14, and sinfulrose11 for blaze05, exdream02, exdream04, exdream18, and monochrome11 with Yingyu (gradesheet completed!)
12.29.11 Christmas Day 11 (choice card -> marukaite19); traded crowsong06 for exdream01 with Zags; Christmas cards (loop09, sailorfuku19, musicplayer07, marukaite03, marukaite04, howling20, yellowmoon18, progress05, marukaite08, believe10, dirty14, roulette18, marukaite20, stars x3, stamps x2, event card)
12.28.11 Christmas Day 12 (marukaite18, endscape20, superdriver17, tank16, purple pixel, star pixel); Christmas Day 11 (operations03, dorchadas06, blue pixel, light blue pixel + choice card); Vintage Box (catchyoucatchme08, catchyoucatchme11, exdream15); Broken Record (dramatic02, soundworld16, again04, shoothigh05)
12.26.11 Christmas day 10 (operations14, akaitsumi01, brown pixel, yellow pixel)
12.24.11 Traded majimekao18 for action20 + backstage passes with Dany; Where did this image come from? (oneesan11, crystalenergy14, sharetheworld03); Christmas Day 07 (loop20, progress02, action08, star pixel, green pixel); Christmas Day 06 (monogatari11, roseone04, lament15, gorgeous17, green pixel, purple pixel, star pixel x2); Higher or Lower? (onehalf01, soundworld08, mysecret09, target305); High Note (mytomorrow10, mindgame10, yasashiku16, jumpkick18, star)
12.22.11 Christmas Day 04 (obsession02, butterfly02, e-aria14, purple pixel, blue pixel); December slots (monochrome04, kiss04, stoneabyss11); Traded slots stoneabyss11 for monochrome05 with Ralene; Traded uragiri10 and uragiri16 for izayoinamida19 and readygo04 with Zags; Traded shigeattack04 for soundworld19 with Ka-chan; Christmas Day 05 (lulu20, shiningdays15, colors04, shoujos17, angel, brown pixel, yellow pixel, green pixel, star); DJ Mary
12.18.11 Traded bacchikoi07, missing18, and papermoon08 for shoujos09, shoujos20, and spell 19 with Zags; Etude (shissou11, stoneabyss18, jumpkick17, starrysky19, yellow pixel); Christmas Day 01 (scramble11, loop14, resonance15, angel pixel, blue pixel, star pixel)
12.14.11 Broken Record (sugitakisetsuwo10, onereason04, ohayou15, renaicirculation08)
12.11.11 Traded firstepisode18 for soundworld08 with Ka-chan; traded hitotoshite14 for marukaite12 + backstage passes with Lee; traded triangular16 for marukaite14 with Cassidy; traded foryou12 for marukaite13 + backstage passes with Elisia; Kiku's Memory Challenge (immoralist09, bacchikoi07, crowsong06); Triton's Trivia (tozasareta12, ok17); Higher or Lower? (hitintheusa11, superstream10); High Note (reignsupreme16, cosmosvsalien01, iwish12, eternaldiva10)
12.06.11 Traded rewrite05 for blaze16 + backstage passes with Hyu; traded again02 for marukaite10 + backstage passes with Wing; Restoration (theworld01, newworld09)
12.04.11 Traded kagayaite02, lostones10, and mindgame06 for marukaite05, marukaite09 and marukaite16 + backstage passes with Norkia (gradesheet completed! :D)
12.03.11 DJ Mary's Mystery Melody (endlesstale07, justlove20, hitotoshite14); Triton's Trivia (exdream03, kaerimichi11); Higher or Lower? (overlap01, oneesan20); Broken Record (endlesstale12, hoshinosumika18, sociallinks10, merry-go-round10); November deck release (newworld14, twister06, sinfulrose11, uragiri10, zetsuboubilly08, issei11, lostones10, someone01, musicplayer03, amethyst06)

Old Trade Logs
trade info
current and future decks: not trading
trading decks: trading
member cards: trading
special cards: may trade for other special cards
random keeps: not collecting, please don't offer! trade slots: trading for monochrome
coding → replica


Welcome to Credits! Would you like to trade backstage passes? (I really love yours! It's so cute~)

also, what about for orion12? (and I have a couple of other shoujos cards, if you'd want me to hold them for you)
Of course! :D And yeah, the hold would be awesome! Thank you~

for asuwa05, and izayoinamida13?

And Backstage passes? Yours is just so cute.. .;v;
Wow, yes, of course! :D Thank you!!

Helloes! Welcome to the game =D"
Would you be interested in an offer of in trade for your rollingstar06, please? And uhm, having read your terms for Special/Puzzle trades.. i didn't see any indication for puzzledecks you might be interested in yet, so... Could i offer for mypride11 as well? ^^";
And, and BsP-trade perhaps? =D" (everyone's said this already, but yours is much ADORABLESOMENESS. ^^";;;; )
Thanks~ Yes to the first trade and backstage pass trade, but unfortunately the puzzle card I have is mienaiitode11, not mypride11. :( Sorry...

for that zzz13?
Yes, definitely! :D

Would you like to trade backstage passes also?
for perfectarea05 and BP swap?
Yes, definitely! Thank you~

Hello again! Would you like & for your utauyo03 & miyano05; please? =D"
oh, oh noes -- sorry, please scratch half of that -- i just rechecked & found i'd forgotten that specials are on a 1:1 with you, sorry x_x";;;

perhaps i could offer a Nov-Specials!slot for that miyano card instead? and uhm i'll go recheck your tradepile and pick another card for the normals' side; brb, apologies..!! D8";;;;
for the hitsuzen13 you got in the day 6 of the halloween event, please? whenever you get around to upload it, that is!
Yes, of course! :D Thank you~

Hi Jaimie! Remember and I was holding for you? I'd like iruyo18, orion16 and for and I'd like rinburevolution17 and shiningdays20 if you want them~
Yes, definitely! Thanks again for the hold! (And for the trades :D)

Hi there! First time I've run into you, I think... :o

Would you like to trade hareyukai13 for this , and BPs ? THAT CHOCOBO IS SO ADORABLES...!
Hi! :D Yes, I believe this is the first time... And yes, of course I will trade. :) Thank you!!

Hi! Would you like my shoujos07, theworld02, donuts08 for your minnadaisuki20, mysecret18, rosetwo20, +Backstage Passes? c:
Apologies for the late reply, but yes, definitely! :D

Hello! Would you like an for your corepride05, perhaps? =D"
Yes, of course! :D Thanks for the trade!

Yes, I would love to :D Thanks!

for rewrite05?

And would you like to trade Backstage Passes?
Yes, of course! :D Thank you!!


for your firstepisode18, please? ^^
Sure :) Thanks!!

for bacchikoi07, missing18, papermoon08?

And anything else possibly for uragiri10/16?
frickin LJ screening my comments
*stalks!* xD

for the shigeattack04 you just got from Christmas Day 01 please? :3
Yes, definitely! Thank you :D

for crowsong06?
Sure :) Thank you!!

for your endlesstale12, orpheus11, shoothigh05/14, sinfulrose11? :D
Yes, definitely~ :D Thank you!!!

Also, would you like to trade backstage passes? :)

would you accept for sociallinks10 and dramatic01?

Edited at 2012-01-01 02:52 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry for the late response, but yes, I would! :) The card I have is actually dramatic02, though... Is that still okay?

would you like for endscape20, e-aria14 and sorairodays14?
Yes, I would! :) Thank you!!

for the marukaite07 in your trade pile? :)
Yes, of course! :) Thank you!!

Hello! Yes, I would. :) Thank you!!

Hi, Jaimie~ ^^

Would you like this for your mytomorrow10, please?
Oi~ Jaimie, are you on hiatus right now? :o

I wondered since this request has been here a little over a month...

I hope you're doing okay and can come back to play with us soon! ♥

for starrysky17/19? (:
Apologies for the super late reply! I'm going on hiatus, but here are the cards if you're still interested in the trade. No worries if you aren't, but if you are, I'll update my log when I get back. :)


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