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credits tcg : trade log

11.29.11 Traded corepride05 for action01 with Eiji; traded backstage passes with Mei; Higher or Lower? (scramble17, irony02); high note (roulette06)
11.26.11 Traded minnadaisuki20, mysecret18, rosetwo20 for shoujos7, theworld02, and donuts08 + backstage passes with Cassidy; Triton's Trivia (mamoritai14, woaini14, dreamwing16, samurai15); Kero and Suppi's Treats (hallelujah08 for spell06); Koizumi and Otani's Karaoke Glitch (majimekao18, stray18); Ryuichi's Doodles 08 (dreamwing14, firstepisode18); Ryuichi's Doodles 07 (sharetheworld15, kasenai17, grind01); Halloween Day 05 (secondflight13, hajimarinohi16, angelsthesis18, resonance09, academy10); Broken Record (uragiri16, missing18, freebird17, triangular16)
11.15.11 Oz's Odd One Out (rewrite16, pegasus19, overlap02, utauyo20); Who's that seiyuu? (mysecret12, yellowmoon12, ranbunomelody12); Etude (foryou12, starrysky17)
11.12.11 Kero and Suppi's Treats (roulette09 for exdream03); High Note (overthesky14); Triton's Trivia (shoothigh19, rivalry12); DJ Mary's Mystery Melody (maniac12, minnadaisuki20, again02)
11.07.11 Traded hareyukai13 for action16 / member cards with Ka-chan
11.06.11 Received action08 as a gift from Eri, Who's That Seiyuu? (corepride05, rewrite05, action10), Higher or Lower? (sorairodays14, maniac13)
11.05.11 Traded himitsunokichi02 for action10 / member cards with Midori; Traded lulu05 for action17 / member cards with Gil
11.03.11 Kero and Suppi's Treats (candyboy12 for marukaite06)
11.02.11 DJ Mary's Mystery Melody (poltergeist09, poltergeist20, irony11, hallelujah16); Broken Record (trustyou14, sorairodays03, firstepisode16, sharetheworld05); Traded iruyo18, orion16, rinburevolution17, shiningdays20 for shojos08, shojos10, action06, theworld10 with Joyce
11.01.11 Kiku's Memory Challenge (kimihana07, theworld19, straightjet15); Halloween Day 3 (exdream12, rhapsody19, resublimity11, antenna13, spell07, star); Etude (kagayaite02, minnadaisuki10, rewrite19)

10.31.11 Traded hitsuzen13 for action07 with Marge (gradesheet completed!); Traded miyanomamoru05 for rivalry16 with Eiji; Halloween Day 2 (ticket)
10.30.11 Halloween Day 4 (monogatari01, shiningdays20, irony16); Higher or Lower? (aggressivezone17, alittlepain03); Where did this image come from? (orion16, hiyokunohane08, iruyo18); Halloween Day 6 (candyboy12, hitsuzen13, iconoclast07, star)
10.29.11 Traded howling12 and utauyo03 for grind07 and theworld09 with Eiji
10.27.11 Traded again19 for action03 / member cards with Jeny; traded daybreak19 for action11 with Marge; traded straightjet05 for action14 / member cards with Tari
10.26.11 Halloween ghost one (daydream19, michishirube12), Halloween ghost two (howling12, daybreak19), Halloween ghost three (miyanomamoru05, rinburevolution17), Halloween ghost four (kesenai07, lulu05, spell16); DJ Mary's Mystery Melody (marukaite07, mindgame06, gonnarain16); Halloween event one (shine19, lastwolf02, himitsunokichi02, papermoon08); Koizumi and Otani's Karaoke Glitch (heartfelt16, rewrite01)
10.25.11 Traded perfectarea05 for action12 / member cards with Aletha; Ryuichi's Doodles (19sai05, roulette09); Kiku's Memory Challenge (kimihana18, again19, dorchadas16)
10.23.11 Where Did This Image Come From? (dragonsoul02, hallelujah08, roseone08)
10.22.11 Oz's Odd One Out (tank12, shoothigh14, saesdiary14)
10.21.11 Traded karma12 for spell 05 / member cards with Marge
10.20.11 Traded zzz13 for sakurakiss06 with Marge; Triton's Trivia (hareyukai 13, trueself16)
10.19.11 Etude (karma12, perfectarea05); Broken record (straightjet05, utauyo03, nobleroar20, zzz13)
10.18.11 Traded rollingstar06 for blaze02 / member cards with Eiji
10.17.11 Traded orion12 for shoujos11 / member cards with Joyce; traded asuwa05 and iyazoinamida13 for marukaite02 and marukaite011 / member cards with Kuri
10.16.11 Received starter pack (marukaite01, marukaite07, marukaite17, roulette17, rollingstar06, asuwa05, orion12, renaicirculation11, iyazoinamida13); Deck release post freebies (shoujos05, catchyoucatchme15, theworld04, spell13, sakurakiss02, grind19, blaze09, 19sai03, rivalry08, mienaiitode11); posted cards (minnadaisuki04, rosetwo20)



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